Flux Remover 4

An alcohol-based cleaning fluid designed for DPS manual cleaning to remove flux residues.

Designed for cleaning of most flux types and other process contaminants, such as dust, fingerprints and
grease. The fluid evaporates quickly without leaving any traces on the cleaned surface.
A specially designed non-fraying application brush is included in the spray package.
Recommended to use together with the special ESD wiper.

Product information

• Universal solution for all types of fluxes and other process contaminants
• High material compatibility
• Compatible with both lead and non-lead processes
• Environmentally-friendly - biodegradable
• Does not contain tensides, no risk of solid residue occurrence on the cleaned part surfaces

Table of physical and chemical properties

Product appearance: colorless aerosol and gas
Odour, aroma: significant hydrocarbon and isopropanol
pH: not measurable
VOC content: 100%
Recommended process temperature: ambient temperature
Ignition temperature: >200°C
Flash point: > 10°C
Density at 20°C: 0,8 kg/l

Flux Remover 4

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